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Queen Elizabeth Street, London SE1

On a 2.5 acre site, the former Courages Brewery stables, once housed over 100 dray horses. Developed in partnership with Harry Handelsman’s Farlane N.V., The Circle was launched in 1987 with a life and a quarter size bronze sculpture of a dray horse flown in by helicopter.

299 apartments, 3 houses, 15 shops, 9 offices, restaurant, health & fitness spa, swimming pool and business centre, 4 private gardens and a circular entrance courtyard in blue glazed bricks. Completed 1991.

“Visit The Circle after dark and you will be arrested by the brilliance of the searchlights beaming down from the four splintered peaks of its shiny walls. You have strayed into a provocative piece of street theatre.”
The Architects Journal
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